What Makes Craft Beer So Popular?

Everyone has heard of craft beer, but some have yet to try it. Over the last decade or so, craft beer has taken the alcoholic beverage industry by storm and more and more people are choosing it over traditional beers. You will now find independent brewers up and down the country creating their own brands and tastes. But what has made craft beer so popular?

Packing a Punch

One reason why many beers drinkers have turned to craft beer is because of its alcohol content. Most mainstream brands contain a standard percentage of alcohol, it does not vary no matter what type of beer you drink. When it comes to craft beer, the alcohol content differs depending on the brew. Some will have 5% alcohol while others can be 15%. Popular New Zealand beer brands that inhabit the craft beer industry offers buyers all kinds of brews that pack varying degrees of punch.

Great Ingredients

Craft beer brewers take pride in their beer, they put a lot more effort and love into making their brews in comparison to mainstream brands. Microbreweries use the best ingredients to create unique flavours that excite their customers. They concentrate on sourcing high quality and organic ingredients that make their brew stand out from others. The reason you get some amazing tastes when it comes to craft beer is due to the fact that the brewers take special care and attention throughout the entire process.


One of the best things about craft beer is the variety it offers consumers. You can choose from a wide variety of brands and tastes. If you get bored with one flavour, there are plenty more to try and a lot more on the way. This is what sets it apart from the mainstream beer market.


Beer drinkers are willing to pay a higher price for their brew when it contains more flavour, taste, variety, and alcohol. This is the fundamental value of craft beer; it offers beer drinkers more than your mainstream brands. Each brew is finely tuned and unique which you rarely find with mass-produced beer products.

This article has highlighted just some of the reasons why craft beer is so popular, there are plenty more. If you have not already tried craft beer, now is the time to do so. Microbreweries produce some delicious brands as brewers put more care and attention into creating great tastes for their customers.

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