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For those who are working in an industry where the shipping of chemicals and hazardous materials is involved, it is quite common to notice various accidental incidents on regular basis. Following the severity of the industry, the Canadian Government introduced The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act, which sets important standards for the shipping of chemicals and other harmful substances within Canada. The goal of this Act is to provide complete safety for the workers involved in transporting dangerous goods. Under this Act, everyone working with harmful chemicals must have a Transportation Of Dangerous Goods certificate, which can be achieved after the completion of the TDG online course or in an offline (traditional classroom) mode.

If you are also planning for a transportation of dangerous goods certificate, you must have various concerns in your mind. To help with the concerns, we bring to you some Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ) by other candidates for TDG online course.

What Is The Purpose Of The TDG Regulations?

The goal of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations is to ensure the safety of professionals working with dangerous goods at the workplace. The TDG Act is a set of rules that prescribe safety standards and shipping requirements, which is what you will learn during the TDG online course. This legislation is applicable to all modes of transport (i.e. road, rail, marine, and air) in Canada.

Who Needs TDG Training?

As we have already mentioned above, every individual who is responsible for shipping or handling chemicals or other harmful substances is eligible for TDG training. In fact, it is mandatory to have TDG training for these professionals in Canada.

Who Is Responsible For TDG Training?

The main individual who is responsible for the TDG training program is the business owner (employer) to ensure that the staff is properly trained with a reliable TDG online course. While the employees can also enroll themselves in a training program, the sole responsibility to ensure workers are trained lies with the employer.

How Often Do I Need TDG Training?

The Transportation Of Dangerous Goods certificate is valid for only 36 months i.e.3 years. It is important to understand that the certificate is not transferable, which means that the individual must again take the course and clear an examination to become certified. The goal is to help employees stay updated with the latest information in the field.

Do I Need To Re-Certified When I Change Employers/Jobs?

Yes, it is important to get TDG training once you change your job because the onus is on the employer to ensure the team is properly trained with the latest TDG norms. It is recommended that the candidates take a TDG course, including site-specific training when they change the job.

So, when you want to grow higher in the industry and stay compliant with the latest TDG regulations, it is important to get yourself certified after taking a TDG online course.

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