Paper Cups: Perfection in Simplicity

Disposable ice cream cups are practical and economical takeaway solutions for ice cream. Various sizes and materials are available online. They are also known as organic ice cream for sustainable use.

Equally, the organic sundae is used for private picnics, trips to the lake, or small celebrations. There is no more need to carry heavy dishes. The cups are easy to pack, take up little storage space, and are light as a feather. After use, they can either be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner with residual waste or incinerated. A stress-free ice cream dinner is guaranteed!

Organic ice cream cups as a feature of modern trends

These sustainable paper ice cream cups are made from natural white plant fibers from sustainable forestry. Harmful dyes are not used in production. The smooth surface on the outside is comfortable to hold in your hand. The inner surface is coated with polylactic acid (PLA). This coating prevents the cup from softening with ice.

Polylactic acid is a type of bioplastic that is made from vegetable starch. It is usually obtained from corn starch or sugar beets. Conventional ice cream toppings are often made from petroleum-based plastics. Their disposal is harmful to the environment, as toxic gases are released into the atmosphere when burned. In addition, ice cream cups can not only be disposed of as regular waste but also composted. The molds are 100% biodegradable, food-safe, and tasteless.

Utility and sustainability at the same time

Disposable ice cream cups do not harm the environment in any way:

  • Unlike other disposable products, these natural products do not create mountains of plastic waste, as all cups are 100% compostable.
  • In addition, only renewable raw materials are used to produce disposable ice cream cups.
  • The advantage of all organic popsicles is that they are suitable for use in the microwave and freezer at temperatures down to -25°C.
  • Disposable ice cream is also greaseproof, waterproof, and tasteless. There are eco-friendly bioplastic lids available in 200 ml or 300/400 ml to match the cups, which are also fully compostable and made from renewable crops such as corn. By using these disposable ice cream cups, you are making the right decision.

Product variety that convinces

The range of different organic sundaes leaves nothing to be desired. Choose filling quantities from 150 to 300 ml and carton versions. The cardboard version, with a simple design and a small stylish print, once again emphasizes its natural qualities. These organic ice cream cups are fully compostable and made from sustainable plant resources.

Disposable sundae cups must be waterproof, greaseproof, and stable and cut-resistant. Also, the cups should not have their taste, which would distort the taste of ice cream. All organic disposable sundae cups meet these requirements. They are similar to regular ice cream parlor paper cups, but they can also be thrown in the organic waste bin. The range includes different models in different sizes, such as organic white ice creams, printed organic ice creams, and matching organic plastic lids. In everyday use when selling ice cream, they are no different from other cups.

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