Food Technology To Protect Quality

When you go grocery shopping, how do you approach it? Do you develop a weekly food plan and an ingredient list, then shop for those goods only? Do you look through the classified ads for the best deal before putting together a menu? Maybe you’ll take a stroll down the aisles until something catches your attention.

Whether you’re a Sunday dinner devotee, a vegetarian, or a competent sous-chef, you want cuisine that not only tastes wonderful but is also safe to eat. Everyone is concerned about food safety, especially since the number of significant food recalls has increased in recent years. While some recalls are required to be extra careful, today’s consumers anticipate higher food quality standards.

Food makers are reacting to concerns about food safety and the risk of foodborne illness. To meet demanding safety, quality, and preservation criteria, many are turning to new technologies. These devices make use of high-pressure techniques, ultrasonic equipment, pulsed electric fields, ultraviolet light, and ionizing radiation. Without the use of preservatives, these technologies can remove viruses and other diseases while also extending the shelf life of things. For more information on these key technologies, click on the accompanying links.

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