Features of creating printing on ice cream cups with lids

Everything you need to know about choosing ice cream cups with lids

Before you open an ice cream shop, you may get conflicting advice about plastic or paper ice cream cups. You must decide what equipment to buy, what consumables to use, and so on. We’re here to help you determine which ice cream cups with lids are best to use.

The most common types of ice cream cups

Modern ice cream cups with lids are available in various sizes.

  • Most miniature ice cream cups with lids have a total capacity of four ounces. These containers are designed to hold one scoop of ice cream (or, if complete, two small scoops of ice cream) and can also have a relatively small serving of frozen yogurt.
  • Most ice cream, ice cream, and frozen yogurt stores use these cups for most small servings, as a four-ounce container is usually sufficient for people who want to snack.
  • The next largest ice cream cup size is 5.5 oz. Such cup size is large enough to hold two to three scoops of ice cream or a medium to a large serving of frozen yogurt. Most shops prefer to use this size cups for regular or large serving options.
  • The four and 5.5-ounce cups are usually made from thick, durable double-polyethylene paper and are designed to minimize environmental waste.
  • In addition to ice cream paper cups, you can purchase plastic cups in various sizes and capacities.
  • Five-ounce plastic cups with a wide circumference and relatively shallow depth are designed for popsicle ice cream. Because they are clear and comprehensive, these cups are perfect for displaying artsy ice cream with lots of toppings like whipped cream or chocolate syrup.
  • Large eight-ounce plastic ice cream cups are also available, allowing your business to choose a larger size for regular or larger servings.

In addition to ice cream cups, which have a large circumference and shallow depth, parfait cups are also available. These cups have a very different design – a shallow base, a tall design, and a wide opening, almost like the wine equivalent of ice cream.

How is the preparation for printing?

After the client decides on the type, size of cups, and their number, you can order an individual printing service. To do this, contact the company manager, email, or leave your contact number in the feedback form so that a consultant will call you.

  • To place an order to produce branded containers, send a file with the image design that should be on the cups. When creating a layout, designers need to remember that:
  • The image must be created in special vector programs so that its quality does not decrease when scaling.
  • All color elements in the layout must be CMYK. Using Pantone colors (created by mixing several colors) must be specified in the Pantone Solid Uncoated color model.
  • You must write the exact name of the colors specified in the image.
  • The text needs to be converted to curves, the brushes to an object.
  • All elements present at the design’s bottom must be moved up 10 mm from the extreme bottom point of the print area.

Advertising on paper cups allows brands to connect with their target group in person. Therefore, do not neglect this method of communication.

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