Chef Aprons – For over a Barbecue

The chef apron is not restricted to use during summertime barbecues. Because of its use by legendary Chef Jacques Pepin the chef apron is definitely an acceptable area of the professional chef’s uniform, being an alternative to the greater traditional chef jacket (chef coat). In the following paragraphs I’ll explain the advantages of the chef apron.

Initially glance, the chef apron seems to become more utilitarian compared to chef coat. This can be because of the fact there are a number of other jobs within the food service industry which are also broadly noted for putting on aprons. Included in this are



Waiters & Waitresses


Bus Boys

Serving Chefs

Kitchen & Counter Workers

Add this towards the apron’s status like a summertime barbecue staple (Hug the Chef), and also you have the symptoms of the Rodney Dangerfield of the chef’s uniform, no respect whatsoever.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the standard apron performs exactly the same functions because the chef jacket.

Protection: Even though the arms are bare, the apron protects the where most spills, splatters, along with other assorted stains occur, the torso. The apron also protects against heat, from either direct flame (stove or BBQ) or hot liquid. Like the chef jacket, quality chef aprons is going to be built from the sturdy cotton twill. The significance of the cotton is the fact that with the ability to withstand repeated washings while keeping its integrity.

Versatility: Unlike the chef coat, the apron is an extremely versatile bit of clothing. It wasn’t until I saw Jacques Pepin make use of the finish of his apron like a pot holder, which i recognized how helpful the apron was. The apron is just locked in place with a tie-string round the waist, making it pulled from the body being an impromptu towel or pot holder. Also, as being a relatively easy one piece construction, just one apron size could be adjusted (through the neck strap) for chefs of differing heights, or folded at the waist to pay for because the leg/legs out of the box comfortable.

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