Brunch Cocktail Pairing Guide

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Sharing a meal with friends and family is often reason enough to celebrate. This goes double for any brunch outing. Whether attempting to celebrate a special occasion, or coming together after some time apart, brunch can be a perfect way to spend the morning. In trying to make any brunch experience the best it can be, preparing beforehand is a must. Carefully scope out the menu and decide what looks good ahead of time. When it comes to drinks, you can never go wrong with a mimosa. a spritzy sparkling sensation from the champagne and bright allure of the orange juice, these minimal, yet delicious, cocktails are light and go down easy. Pairing them with a plate of specialty eggs, perhaps Benedict style, can be an excellent coupling of flavors. For something a bit heavier, a classic order of chicken and waffles will be sure to satisfy. The soft, fluffiness of the waffle, coupled with the crunch and rich fried chicken flavor is a bite to remember. Partner this dish with a soothing bourbon to accentuate the flavors even further. While the food and drink choices are important, the truth is, brunch is made best when you can take some time to unwind and enjoy the moment with your friends and family. To learn more about how to ensure your next brunch outing is a success, check out the infographic highlighted alongside this post.

Brunch Cocktail Pairing Guide presented by Machine, one of Chicago’s newest trendy brunch spots

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